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Missed Again: Musharraf Escapes Second Assassination Attempt
Dec 25, 2003

A convoy carrying President Pervez Musharraf passed few minutes before a bomber hit the last car carrying few security personnel which wounded and killed several people.

President Musharraf, who narrowly escaped an assassination bid this month on the same road in Rawalpindi, was not hurt, a spokesman said. The President and all his companions are safe and sound Major-General Shaukat Sultan of ISPR told the media.

The blasts were thought to have been set off by a bomber who had been travelling in a small vehicle, a senior police officer said.

Two petrol pumps situated nearby were destroyed in blasts. Seven dead bodies were brought to the hospitals, Edhi sources told reporters. The mutilated body parts of the victims were spread in the area after the blast. The police has closed the area for the public after the incident.

The latest attack came just a day after General Musharraf had agreed to step down as military head next year, as part of a deal with hardline Islamists to end a parliamentary stand-off.


France Unveiled
Dec 19, 2003

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

Muslims all over the world in this era are being subjected to persecution, attack, suppression and aggression. This campaign against the Muslims is being waged in the form of physical as well as psychological and intellectual attack. In Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine the Muslims are facing primarily a physical clash, whilst in the West they are subjected to an intellectual clash of civilizations.

In France, Islam and Muslims are being attacked in a manner that will make the Muslim place the French traditions and culture above the Islamic traditions and culture. Only last week, an official government report proposed a ban on Muslim veils (hijab) and other religious symbols in France's state schools and public institutions. President Jacques Chirac is expected to follow the controversial guidance and announce a ban on wearing Muslim veils in French schools on Wednesday (17th December 2003) by ratifying the anti-Hijab bill.

The announcement is timed to coincide with a push by the Chirac government to reach out to core conservative supporters three months before regional elections are set to take place. March's regional elections are seen as the main mid-term test of Chirac's second presidency and his government's ability to see through painful reforms of the welfare system, knock public finances back into order and pursue major privatisations.

There is a real fear amongst conservatives that the far-right National Front (headed by Jean Marie Le-Pen) may exploit Chiracs recent slide in the polls amid criticism of his economic reform course and failure to curb unemployment of about 10 percent and rising, and pull off a repeat of its shock gains in the 2002 presidential elections.

It is not surprising therefore to see Muslims in the so-called land of Fraternity, Egality and Liberty once again the focus of local politics-to be used as pawns in a wider political chess game. The animosity to Islam and the Muslims has always been there. France was one of the main participants in the destruction of the last Islamic Khilafah state (the Ottoman State), when she attempted to strike the Islamic State from the back through her agent Muhammed Ali, the governor (Wali) of Egypt. France openly supported him internationally and politically, he eventually broke away from the Khilafah and declared war against it. In addition, France was and still is a center for the Orientalists like Francois Burgat et al who waste no opportunity in attacking Islam and Muslims. Expedient politicians like Jacques Chirac and Jean Marie Le-Pen, have been using promises to get the Muslims out of France as slogans for their campaigns since the early nineties. Chirac, for example, before taking the office of President called for "France for the French only", and complained about "the noise and smell coming out of the houses of immigrants."

The source of animosity of the French, in specific, and the Kafir West, in general, to Islam and Muslims is well explained in the Quran. Allah (swt) says:

"The Jews and the Christians will never be pleased with you until you follow their ways and beliefs." [TMQ 2:20]

Therefore, the mere identity of Islam for those Arab or non Arab "immigrants" makes them unwanted and hated by the French, in this case.

The situation of the Muslim world, characterized by disorganization, poverty, lack of job opportunities, political instability lead to a massive immigration to the West in general, and France in particular. Indeed, France had encouraged immigration during the economic boom after the Second World War. Now with unemployment levels hovering around 10 percent, the government is following harsh immigration policies, targeting not only newcomers but also first and second generation French of immigrant origin. Since many are Muslim, the anti-immigrant rhetoric has taken an anti-Muslim fervor. With recent anti-terrorist policies enacted, anyone can be stopped legally anywhere, and if the papers are not in order, they can be arrested and even deported. While the police have the right to stop anyone, only the ones with non French appearance-mainly the women in hijab-are stopped frequently and searched. In the eyes of the French authorities and the anti-immigrant parties, the hijabed women are a symbol of all that is supposed to be wrong with France. The authorities clearly view Islam and Muslims as a threat to the French secular way of life.

By preventing Muslim girls from performing this obligation the French authorities are trying to show the Muslims (in general) that they have to abide by the French law even if it forces them to disobey Islam. This attack undermines the position of Islam as a complete and comprehensive ideology (Deen) in the minds of the Muslims. The effort to assimilate the Muslims is so powerful that even the Imams are issuing such compromising statements that would make the future generations of Muslims give up their Islamic values and culture and adopt the French ones based on whats known as the Fiqh of Minorities and other secular and pragmatic ideas, based on Kufr. It is well known that French policy is to create a French version of Islam, compatible with secular values and ideas.

It is quite clear from all the above that the French society will not allow Islam to pose a challenge to its secular beliefs and traditions. That is why efforts to deform Islam in the minds of the Muslims are being made amidst the growing global Islamic resurgence. The aim is to teach the Muslim youth a version of Islam that will compel them to adopt the secular way of life as their only reference of conducting their affairs. In other words Muslims are being forced to completely integrate into the French society, where their name will be Muslim, but their thinking and their actions will be French. Somewhat akin to what existed in Bosnia before the outbreak of civil war and the mass slaughter of secularized Muslims by their Serbian neighbours.

The situation in France is expected to continue and even transfer to the rest of the Western world, especially Britain and America to a lesser or greater degree until Allah (swt) spreads His mercy on the Muslims by helping them to establish that sincere Islamic Khilafah State that gathers all Muslims, Arabs and non Arabs, blacks and whites, and even non Muslims (Dhimmis). It is only with the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah state that the humiliation of the Muslims will end and the Izzat and dignity will reappear.

May Allah (swt) bring the Khilafah back and make us from those who fulfill the obligation of establishing it and get the reward for sacrificing for it. Oh Allah, Ameen.

It is He (Allah) who has sent his Messenger (Mohammed) with the Deen of Truth, so that it may become dominant (over all other ways of life), even though the disbelievers hate it (or detest it) [TMQ 9:33]

23rd Shawaal 1424 Hijri
17th December 2003 CE