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The Twelfth (Shia) Imam

Peace and blessings be to Prophet Muhammad whenever his name is mentioned.


For quite some time now the discussion "The end of the world" has been brought to the fore, and there are some who believe this "inevitable act of fate" to be very near. We the Muslims, however, believe that the exact date of its occurrence is known only to Allah. We also believe that certain major events and advents will have to come to pass before the destruction of this world. One of those advents is that of the coming of the vicerengent of Allah, Mahdi, on earth, with regards to whom Nabi has informed us that he will be born a few years before the return of Eesa Alaihis Salam. His mother's name is Aminah and his Father is Abdullah.

Alas. the Shi'ah have outrightly contradicted Nabi's description of the Mahdi, and instead, painted a picture of an immodest, vile and ruthless man, who will "strip Abubakr and Umar of their kafn and burn their bodies."

Having listened to this lecture on cassette, I have attempted to translate and compile it, which I now humbly present with the hope that readers will find clarity with regard to questions such as "Who is the Mahdi/ twelfth Imam of the Shi'ah?", "What is his mission?", and why is it imperative to the Shi'ah to concoct a Mahdi who is so different form the Mahdi of the Muslims?"

Because this booklet has been prepared to expose the satanic beliefs of the Shi'ah, and at the same time to defend the honor of the Sahaban, it could become complex at times to ascertain whether the words of the text are the words of the orator, or questions form Shi'i sources. Therefore, to alleviate confusion, the text which contain the beliefs of the Shi'ah which are directly, or indirectly form Shi'ah works and sources have been printed in bold italics e.g. the orator world ask- "How ld was you Imam at the time when he went to the cave?" The reply of the Shi'ah is scripted thus: "He was five years old at the time."

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to each and everyone who has assisted in the preparation of this booklet, form the writing, proof-reading, type setting, and printing. Indeed their reward is with Allah only. I trust that this presentation will serve as an eye-opener to the readers about the anti-Islamic beliefs of the Shi'ah. Ameen.

A lecture delivered on the 8th of April 1994 by Moulana Muhammad Azam Tariq


The chain of Nubuwwah began with Adam , and continued through his progeny to Nuh, Ibrahim, and Ibrahim's sons, Isma'il and Is'haq Alaihis Salam.

The son if Is'haq was Ya'qub who had eleven sons from amongst who was Yusuf Alaihis Salam. Yusuf Alaihis Salam was granted Nubuwwah and from thereon, the progeny of Ya'qub Alaihis Salam was named the "Banu Israil was the title of Ya'qub, therefore his progeny was called the "Banu Israil (the children of Israil).

Thus Israel is named after Ya'qub Alaihis Salam by the Jews who regard themselves as the progeny of Ya'qub Alaihis Salam, and the system of the country is run according to Jewish law. The Jews to this day are using tactics to spread Judaism, tactics which unfortunately, are not being used by the Muslims to further Islam. Nevertheless, when Yusuf Alaihis Salam became the target of the conspiracy of his brothers, he was thrown into the well, and sold to the traders. Then, through the grace of Allah, he managed to escape a very shameless deed by refusing to submit to the whims of Zulaikha. In retaliation, she accused him of trying to seduce her and had him imprisoned in spite of his innocence being miraculously established by the evidence of a breast-feeding child.

After passing may years in prison, he was eventually freed as a result of interpreting a dream of the king, which led to him becoming the personage of the king's focus. He was then granted an important position through which the economical and financial condition of the people was brought to a better stand. An example of the efforts and sacrifices is that he contributed towards the betterment of the lives of people through his advanced preparation for seven years of drought. Tons of grain were collected and stored. When a drought afflicted Egypt and Syria, none other than Yusuf could be of benefit to the creation of Allah for seven successive years.

The brothers of Yusuf Alaihis Salam traveled to Egypt to collect grain. They returned to Syria with the grain, not realizing that the person who had given them the grain was the one who they had thrown into the well, the very person regarding whom Allah mentions:

Translation: " And they sold him for a meagre sum of a few darahim."

When the traders rescued Yusuf Alaihis Salam from the well, his brothers followed them and claimed that he was their runaway slave whom they wished to sell, so the merchants bought him for a paltry sum.

Today they had come to that some brother for assistance. Yusuf immediately recognized them and recalled their actions. They had surpassed the bounds of oppression, yet he chose to remain an ocean of virtue and mercy. He did not expose their shortcomings, instead he sent them off with the purchased grain, and also refused to accept the price that they had offered in lieu of the grain that they were given. They returned home, and finally the time came when the entire household of Ya'qub migrated to Egypt. This is the brief history as to how Ya'qub Alaihis Salam and his progeny lift Syria and Iraq and came to Egypt. A time when huge kingdoms awaited them.


As time passed, Ya'qub and Yusuf passed away, the leadership and control of Egypt fell into the hands of foreigners. Allah granted governance to a person who hailed from the progeny of a Nabi. As long as the feat of Allah and piety was given priority n the ruling of the state, the blessings and assistance of Allah descended. However, as soon an the Banu Israil involved themselves in mischief, evil actions and disobedience, Allah gave power and strength to the Egyptians -known as the Coptic's- over the Banu Israil. They were punished severely, to the extent that despite them being the progeny of Ambiya, the brothers of Yusuf, the children of Ya'qub, and nephews and nieces of Binyamin, they were not granted respect in any way. There was no nation more debased and disgraced than them in the land of Egypt. Every type of oppression, injustice and difficulty was inflicted upon them. After bearing these torments for many years, they eventually turned to Allah, cried and implored His forgiveness. They begged Allah to send a person to their assistance, a person who would remove them from their woeful plight. Allah decided to send Musa to their assistance.

The fortune-tellers of Fir'oun informed him that soon a child world be born, in whose hands would lie the freedom of the Banu Israil. Firoun thought to himself that he world never allow this (the sending of Musa Alaihis Salam ) to occur. He ordered that all the male children of the Banu Israil be put to death and that the females be left (for slavery), so hat no child would even reach the age at which he could prepare himself to confront Fir'oun. This process which Fir'oun chose in contempt of the Banu Israil, was a punishment from Allah.


An understanding as to why Allah had inflicted such severe punishment upon Banu Israil is aptly portrayed in the following analogy. A person is not obliged to conform to any dress code, or uniform until he is officially employed in that position, for example, the police force, or any similar occupation. Also, there will be no rules, regulations, or constitution by which he world be bound to conform to. However, if on the day he takes office, he does not conform to the stipulated dress code, and he does not act in accordance to the rules stipulated, if he does not carry out his duties, and if he is oppressive, he will not be tolerated if he, on the one hand takes admission in the force, while on the other hand he follows his desires, or becomes lawless.

Similarly, those people who have enrolled in the army of Allah-the Jama'ah of the Muslims and Mu'mins- those who have entered the Din of Allah but do not abide by its laws and restrictions will definitely be liable for punishment. The punishment of Allah will come in the form of droughts, hunger and poverty, and in being overpowered by the enemy. Ease, peace, comfort. respect and honor will be snatched away. All such punishments will be inflicted on these Muslims who reject and disobey the commands of Allah. For those who do not accept Islam as a religion, there is no punishment, nor are they taken to task in this world. On the contrary, worldly bounties are showered on them in lieu of that which they will be deprived of in the hereafter.

Therefore, a comparison should never be drawn between a Muslim and a Kafir. Many people are deceived in their observation of the Kuffar. Despite being involved in observation of the Kuffar. Despite being involved in shameless acts, such as adultery, consumption of liquor, their involvement in kufr and shirk practices, they are granted abundance in wealth, material commodities, status, etc. while the Muslims are deprived. The reason for this is that although they have all these commodities, and in spite of their rebellion, they will not be taken to task in this world because they have not included themselves among the Muslims and have not obligated themselves to the laws of Din. Therefore, although the Banu Israil boast about being the progeny of the Ambiyaz and although they claim to be followers of the Din of Allah, as soon as they stepped upon misdeeds and disobedience, the revenge of Allah came down upon them and He dismissed them from the thrones and replaced them with the gallows. He removed them from their palaces and disgraced them in the gutters. They were forced to witness innocent children being slaughtered upon the breast of their mothers immediately after birth. This was due to their disobedience. Therefore, who can prevent the very Allah who punished the progeny of the Ambiya for their misdeeds, from punishing us?


Nevertheless, when Firoun thought that he would not allow Musa Alaihis Salam to be born, Allah has concurrently confirmed that He will send his Rasul for the salvation and freedom of Banu Israil. Whether this would have taken place in some cave, some other country or in the country or in the stomach of a fish, or wherever, was immaterial. The mere reason that Firoun and his people may have argued; "We could not have stopped him from being born, we did not have the knowledge as it was beyond our control", therefore Allah decided to create Musa Alaihis Salam and grant him strength and power right in the house of Firoun. After birth, Musa Alaihis Salam was brought up in the house of Firoun. This is the power of Allah. Firoun knew well that this child was not from among his kin. In fact the child was an Israelite. Firoun, on a few occasions perceived the potential danger in bringing up this child. It is recorded in some narrations that he once called for the child in an effort to portray his love, but Musa Alaihis Salam grabbed Firoun's beard with one hand, and slapped him with the other. Musa Alaihis Salam was a small child but the slap was a slap of Nubuwwah, and moreover it was the slap of Musa Alaihis Salam which was extremely powerful. the quote below gives an indication of the strength Musa Alaihis Salam was blesses with, and this at a tender age. the Ayah states:

Translation: "So Musa struck him (the Coptic) with his fist and killed him."

Firoun 'saw stars' after being slapped by Musa. He realized that this was the very child who would be the cause of his future destruction. Firoun's wife, Asiyah and those around him ordered him to leave the child alone. They also taunted him, asking him if he was insane for wanting to take revenge on a child.


Nevertheless, as time passes, the Israelites gained their freedom, and the Firounis (Coptics) were drowned. The Israelites safely crossed the sea, they received the Mann and Salwa (the foods in Jannah). They were also granted the Taurah, yet they preferred worshipping the calf. They were distanced from this misdeed and were forgiven by Allah. Thereafter as time went on, Musa Alaihis Salam, Haroon Alaihis Salam and Yusha Bin Noon Alaihis Salam passed away and the chain of Nubuwwah continued.


The Banu Israil reached such a stage where they could be proud of having a thousand Amibya amongst them but excessive stubbornness, arrogance and pride overtook them. If any Nabi called out to them, they regarded this invitation to be an obstacle to their desire and they became so bold and daring that they began killing the innocent messengers of Allah:

Translation: "And they killed the Prophets wrongfully."

ISA Alaihis Salam

They continued this action of theirs until finally Allah created Isa Alaihis Salam, who was granted a divine scripture as well. The Banu Israil were once again in the forefront of misdeeds, and went about accusing the mother of Isa ,Alaihis Salam Allah showed a miracle to manifest her innocence. This miracle was that Isa Alaihis Salam, while still in cradle, spoke out : "I am a servant of Allah, and He has granted me a book and has made me a Prophet. Do not accuse my mother of adultery. The very Allah who has created Adam without parents has created Adam Alaihis Salam without parents has created me without a father." When the time of Da'wah approached upon 'Isa Alaihis Salam , the Banu Israil said that they would not allow him to propagate his message and they surrounded him with the intention of crucifying or killing him. Whilst 'Isa Alaihis Salam. When the perpetrator entered, Allah though His miracle placed the feature of 'Isa Alaihis Salam upon this person and veiled the eyes of the Banu Israil from recognizing their co-conspirator. When the perpetrator came out, they crucified him thinking him to be 'Isa Alaihis Salam, whereas 'Isa Alaihis Salam was lifted into the heavens by Allah. It is a necessary belief, the faith of every Muslim that 'Isa Alaihis Salam did not die, in fact, he is a Nabi and Rasul, who till this day is alive and is in the heavens. He will return before Qiyamah but will not bring back Nubuwwah with him, nor will he act upon his Shari'ah. Instead he will confess to the Nubuwwah of Muhammad and practice upon the Deen-al-Islam. 'Isa Alaihis Salam , on his return will descend upon the eastern minarah of the Jami' Masjid in Damascus. We should keep in mind that the Qur'an and Hadith contain many such proofs stating the living existence of 'Isa Alaihis Salam and his return before Qiyamah. By this time the Mahdi will already be born.


The Shi'i belief concerning the Mahdi is that he is born already and will make his appearance on the descent of 'Isa Alaihis Salam . Through him will guidance overtake the earth. Islam will dominate because of him and he is the one who will kill Dajjal.

It is our belief (the belief of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama'ah), in fact it is the information given to us by our Nabi that the Mahdi will be born a few years before the return of 'Isa Alaihis Salam . His mother ill be Aminah, his father, Abudullah, and he will be from the lineage of Hasan (r.z). Many names such as "Sahibul Asr", "Imamuz Zaman," "Imamul Asr" etc, are often heard being shouted out by the Shi'ah. According to them, these are titles of their Mahdi.

The slogans and prayers such as "May Allah release you" and "May Allah make you manifest soon" may also have observed written on their cars and in their gatherings etc. Similarly, on the night of the 15th of Sha'ban, when people are involved in repenting, praying, performing Salah, prostrating in the houses of Allah, one may wonder where the Shi'ah are on this night. If they are searched for, they would be found on river banks, at dams, seas and on mountains. Doing what? They write notes and messages and place the into bottles. The bottles are then left at mountains, or thrown into rivers, dams and seas. O insane people! what are you doing? If asked what this is all about, their reply will be: "We have written letters to our Mahdi." They "post" their correspondence by placing them into bottles. Is their belief also that the fish transport these messages for them, serving as postmen? Do these people not have any shame? It is the 15th night of Sha'ban. Perhaps the Imam also wishes to engage himself in Ibadah but instead he has to attend to all these thousands of letters and notes.

There actually remains nothing to mention on this topic, when that true slave of Rasulullah and the Sahabah (r.z), the great opponent of Shi'ism, and the establisher of the truth over falsehood, Moulana Haq Nawaz Jhangwee Rahimahullah, has explained every aspect of it. However, after due consideration with regard to this matter, I found one aspect of Shi'ah belief, which I felt has not been either unveiled, or elaborated upon by Moulana Haq Nawaz Rahimahullah. This, I will Insha-Allah, expose today in such a way that Shi'ism will forget their evil claims. They will mourn upon the defamation of the character of their Imam, and they will complain about their destruction wretchedness!

It will be appreciated if those who listen to this discourse, and particularly those who claim: "The Sipahe Sahabah have become inactive after Moulana Haq Nawaz's Rahimahullah demise," notice this discourse is delivered with meekness, or with conviction and severity.

After much consideration upon the Shi'i methods of opposition and attack, and upon their ways of beguiling and debasing the Holy Companions of Rasulullah, I have realized that their attacks pierce the hearts of the Muslims, and the blades of swords are being thrust over their emotions.

One particular person whose patience with his Shi'iah in-laws had become exhausted, explains that they wrote to him saying: "You are mean and immortal. You are a great oppressor. You are wicked just like Abubakr and Umar were!" After the discovery of this letter, the matter was taken to court, but the unjust administration, and the oppressive rulers set the writers of the letter free and arrested those who had made the objection. Similarly, I received a letter in which not only vulgarities were directed to me, but the absurdities and filth that were leveled against the Sahabah (r.z) were such, that I find it shameful to bring on my tongue! Whenever this evil nation finds the opportunity, they speak evil regarding the Sahabah, thus trampling upon our emotions. Therefore we should also find such a method and style of speech which will leave them in fury and great agitation.

The Shi'ah claim to hold a lot of love of their A'immah. I cannot mention anything against their A'immah, because as far as am concerned, the A'immah were extremely Allah-fearing pious, holy, saintly, and the offspring of the Messenger. They were the teachers and tutors of the A'immatul Mujtahideen, and according to my knowledge, they were reliable leaders of the Ahlus Sunnah and never did they claim Imamah. In fact, narrations and traditions were fabricated by the Shi'ah which were then falsely attributed to these people.

Therefore, just as Imam Abu Hanifah and Ahmad bin Hambal, in fact just as Siddiq and Faruq, Ali (r.z.), Hasan (r.z) and Hussain (r.z) are deserving of respect, so are remaining "Shi'ah" A'immah. How then, can I dare say anything against them being the offspring and family members of the Prophet ?

Nevertheless, after deep research and study, I have come across one Imam who is the twelfth Imam, and my slogan for him is:

Translation: "Today we will not interfere with the eleven A'immah, nor will we leave alone the twelfth Imam."


The reason for my having chosen this topic is because the Shi'ah make the following claims concerning their twelfth Imam.

1. He has control over the entire world.
2. He is the owner of every atom of earth.
3. the leaves of the trees are under his command and obedience.
4. He holds power over everything.
5. He receives revelation.
6. Angels from the heavens frequently visits him.
7. Everything is under his control and command.

The above are some of the advantages the twelfth Imam enjoys. But history does not record the following facts, why?

1. The time of his birth.
2. The time of his entrance into the home of Hasan Askari (the eleventh Imam), and
3. The time in which he was granted the great honor of becoming an Imam of the time.

It surprises me that such important factors have not been recorded in history. I present a challenges to Shi'ism to provide some evidence or to bring forward a person who has witnessed the birth of their Imam. The answer to this challenge, as given by them is: "The Imam is invisible because his father has married a Jinniah woman." All these facts that I am putting forward are from the basic Shi'i books.

Translation: "I am giving an explanation of what has been said in their assemblies. the tongue is mine, but the facts and information are from them. I am enlightening you regarding their gatherings. The hand in mine, but the kick is from them."

Today I quote from their references, biographies and incidents that the twelfth Imam was invisible, but why is it so?


The reply they give is that the eleventh Imam married a Jinniah. The question then posed to them is: "Neither any Prophet, nor Ali (r.z.), Hasan (r.z.) or Husain (r.z.) or any of the remaining A'immah married a Jinniah. So could your eleventh Imam not find any spouse in mankind, instead of having to find a wife in the home of the Jinn?"

We would, for argument sake accept their Imam's wedding to the Jinniah. Can they then provide the names of those who formed part of the marriage ceremony, the person who performed the nikah, or the names of the witnesses. This they cannot establish. In this, they admit their ignorance. Yet they persist at the marriage having taken place. They cannot even disclose the monetary extent of the mehr that was paid. Yet the nikah did take place!


Anyway, (according to them), the twelfth Imam was then born but he is invisible. Why did they have to concoct this belief? The reason for this is that Shi'ism laid down the principle that the eldest son of an Imam succeeds him as the Imam, but this principle was violated a few times:

1. After the Imamah of Ali (r.z.)his son Hasan became the Imam who was then ought to have been succeeded by his eldest son whereas his brother, Husain (r.z.) took this post. They have no reason for not adhering to the rule except that they say: "It should be changed in this situation."

2. The eldest son of Ja'far Sadiq Rahimahullah was Isma'eel who passed away while his father was still alive. When the question of Imamah was raised, they stated that their Imam (Jaf'ar Sadiq) said that seventh Imam will be his second born, Musa Kazin. The question then posed is that if he was to take up this post, then why was he not the first born? Their reply is that they could do nothing if Allah erred.

3. They managed to escape from this difficulty as well, but again they got trapped when eleventh Imam had no male children.

The Ahlus Sunnah now posed the question that the Imam has passed away leaving behind nobody to replace him and the world still functions, whereas according to Shi'ism, the world would not exist without an Imam. This results in the falsification of Imamah and their of Imamah.

Many ideas crossed their minds. Ideas such as creating an imaginary son, and approaching somebody to accept this post of being the son of the Imam so that their chain of Imamah could continue. Their resting decision was that the Imam did have a son, but he is invisible.

Our reply is that if he is invisible, let us at least touch him so that we may shake his hand and attain some blessings from him. Their reply is that he cannot be felt either.

Then let us hear his voice, ask him to announce to us that he exists. He is invisible, he cannot be touched. They do not agree to the hearing of his voice because they claim that he cannot be heard. What kind of an Imam is he who cannot be heard nor be seen or felt?

Then the Shi'iah say: "You are rude and vulgar, you intend to murder our Imam." How can we kill you Imam, O Shi'iah, when he is invisible, untouchable, and inaudible?


They claim: "Your intention is evil, therefore our Imam disappeared out of fear." Where did he disappear to?

"He is gone to cave of "Surra man Ra'a" or "Samara" which is situated in Iraq."

Did he go there by himself or was he assisted or carried by somebody?

"He went alone."

The reason they give this reply is that they realize we would want to know who accompanied him and where the person (who accompanied him) is.
Anyway, the next question we pose is how old was he at the time of his disappearance?"

They say: "He was five years old at the time."

Where is the original Qur'an that is seventy yard long? Where is that Tabutus sakinah? (the container in which the slates and scripts of the Taurah, Zabur and Injil are kept, this Tabut is mentioned in the Qur'an as well). Where is the staff of Musa Alaihis Salam and the ring of Sulaiman Alaihis Salam? You do claim that these things remain in the possession of the A'immah.

They reply: "The Imam has taken these things with him to the cave."

Upon assessment, I notice with astonishment, that an Imam, who is only five years old, managed to carry a Qur'an, which is seventy yards long, and the Tabutus Sakina on his head, the staff of Musa in his hand, and the ring of Sulaiman in his fingers as he strolled to the cave! Oh Shi'iah! This is no Imam, this, really, is no porter at a railway station! A very strange Imam you have. TO save his honor and dignity, you have to make him to porter! You have burdened a child who is only five years of age, an innocent invisible child, with the weight of the entire world, and chased him into a cave! Have you any shame?

They reply: " You ought to be ashamed of yourselves because the Imam escaped due to his fear of YOU."

These are their beliefs which I present to you. Any person may present a challenge to the Shi'iah to establish the date of birth of their Imam, mention the names of those who had seen the Imam and explain the incident of his disappearance.

Oh Shi'iah! establish you twelfth Imam whom you call "Ya Qaim Alu Muhammad" or "Ya Sahibul Asr" or "Qaim Aluz Zaman." The earth will be inverted, yet Shi'ism will Insha-Allah never be able to establish the twelfth Imam. Oh Shi'iah! You have loaded you Imam with so much of weight, yet when I call him a porter you complain. What, then should I call him? A laden donkey?

Nevertheless, they claim that their Imam has escaped to a cave. So what do they do outside the cave? They should also join him or else what relationship does the Ummah have with their Imam?

They say that the Imam sends messages to the Ummah through the medium of some messengers who frequently visit him. Similarly of anything has to be sent to the Imam, it should be sent via these people.

If these messengers were in reality so sincere and faithful, then was was the need for the Imam to escape? Could they not protect, and defend him? What an oppressive nation this is! They had the audacity of banishing an innocent five year old child from his home and setting him off to a cave! If the Imam does exist, will he even pray for such people? Probably his supplication would be, "Oh Allah! Destroy this nation! Being from the progeny of the Ambiya Alaihis Salam, and being their twelfth Imam, they banished me from my home and abandoned me in a cave, and they have laden me with such weight that if all this has to be placed at the entrance of the cave, the entire entrance would be blocked!"

Again, their belief is that the Imam is in a cave, and only the messengers have contact with him. People present gifts, wealth, clothing and letters etc. to him via these messengers. These messengers go to the jungles and disappear with all the clothing and wealth and later their children are seen wearing those clothes!

The next question is why is the money being presented to the Imam? What does he do with the money? Does he go shopping? Presenting clothes to the Imam is understood. They believe that he will not emerge till just before Qiyamah, therefore he will be need of the clothing. Although the Shi'iah have not taken into consideration that as time goes by, the world advances. New types and styles of clothing are manufactured daily. Clothes of better quality are tailored. Why then, should the Imam be left to wear clothes which are 1420 years old? He is a young child who may desire to follow the fashion as well. Why should he wear the clothes they present to him?


Mulla Baqir Majlisi ahs recorded in Haqqul Yaqeen that it is the belief of Shi'ism that when the Mahdi appears, he will be naked. Can such and Imam ever be comprehended? You call unto your Imam, you take his name, but when he emerges, he will be naked! He will not even cover his private part. Is this not contrary to the Shari'ah of Muhammad ? Is he destined to be an Imam or one who is lascivious? Is such an Imam being waited for? O you shameless nation! Why not inculcate shame in yourselves?

It is further their that once the Imam emerges naked from the cave, he will stretch out his hand offering bay'ah. The entire world will break forth to take bay'ah and the first to pledge allegiance will be Muhammad !

This nation is liable for the curses of Allah! This nation which claims that my Prophet will take bay'ah upon the hands of a naked Imam! The nation which claims that my Prophet will be obedient to a naked Imam! The nation which believes my Prophet to be a disciple of the naked Imam, and a naked Imam to be a Sheikh and Murshid (spiritual mentor) of my Prophet! Such a nation and Imam is liable of the curses of Allah. There is, nor will there be such a person who will force the Nabi to pledge allegiance to him. Such a person is no Imam, he is in fact a devil, and he deserves to be punished severely, he ought to be beaten, lashed, hanged, and never be forgiven.

They did not stop at this. They further claim that second to take bay'ah will be Ali (r.z), Fatimah (r.z) , Hasan (r.z) and Husain (r.z)!


O Shi'ah! May you be destroyed! Only if there was no sign of you on earth. You are the worst of people on earth. You are most shameless, the most accursed kafir nation on earth! Nobody ever adopted such beliefs as you have! you have made the Prophet, Ali, Fatimah, Hasan and Husain take bay'ah upon the hands of a naked Imam! Therefore, neither can the Shi'ah nation, not their twelfth Imam ever be forgiven! O Shi'ah! Display you Imam, present him, and then see what the Sipahe Sahabah does to him. Your Imam is a coward. He is hiding in a cave. Fourteen centuries have passed, crime has become rife, murdering and plundering are the order of the day, great phenomena have occurred, Baitul Maqaddas has been snatched away, the honor and dignity of the Muslims of Kashmir have been trampled upon, the Muslims of Somalia are being destroyed, all types of evil have reached their peaks, and your Imam still refuses to come out? If he exists, tell him to present himself. Will he ever oblige? O Shi'ah! You have never displayed shame. You have made the soul of the Rasul uneasy. You disgrace my Rasul. The very Rasul at whose door-step the whole world fell. Even Jibreel Alaihis Salam came to this door-step. Wahy, revelation, and the Qur'an came to his door-step, and you take him (my Rasul) to the door-step of your naked Imam! There is no greater enemy of Rasul than you! This has always been the problem. Whenever the Shi'ah wish, they, with their impure pens and tongues speak and write evil concerning the Sahabah (r.z.). They attack the honor and dignity of the Prophet and his family, (whether directly or indirectly), and they have made this a daily practice in their lives. It has become an occupation of the Shi'ah to disgrace the companions of the Prophet through ravaging accusations.

When the Sahabah (r.z.) are falsely accused, cursed, criticized, and the verdicts of kufr are passed upon them be the Shi'ah, all that is felt is the pain of a sore heart by the soft-hearted Muslim with regard to what is said to him about his Din. He is left helpless and hopeless, and he has nobody to complain to! The most he will do id he has any feelings or fervour, and if the emotions of Imam rage in him, is that he will exclaim and announce the kufr of Shi'ism, but this is not the answer to the attack of Shi'ism against us. Generally the public is made to understand that the Shi'ah are kuffar because they defame the character of the Sahabah (r.z), but I would like to clarify the point that this does not sufficiently answer the attack of the Shi'ah. It is insane to define as retaliation, or revenge the stabbing someone with the back-end of a pen, if he lifts a sword to your head, or throwing a flower at him when a stone is thrown at you. The Shi'ah insist upon defaming, speaking ill and passing the verdict of kufr upon the As'habur Rasul. Upon that Holy Group of people whose Imam was testified by Allah and his Rasul , that group which has been praised in seven hundred verses of the Holy Qur'an. The Shi'ah throw their dirt and waste upon those faces which have been purified, illuminated, and bestowed with more brightness than the full moon. While we, in revenge of the filthy impure presence of the Shi'ah give a few slaps and satisfy ourselves for having taken revenge. By the oath of Allah, this is no revenge!

It is impossible to comprehend the pain that goes through the heart of a true Mu'min when the As'habur Rasul are defamed. An apt description of this was portrayed by Moulana Haq Nawaz Shaheed Rahimahullah. Moulana Haq Nawaz stated: "When the Shi'ah speak ill to me, when they pray for my death, when they accuse me of disgracing them, and when they are vulgarly vociferous to me, it pleases me. For as long as they speak evil for me, the As'habur are saved from their tongues."

So if the Shi'ah confined themselves to speaking evil of the Ahlus Sunnah, regarding the Ahlus Sunnah to be kuffar, then announcing the kufr of Shi'ah could be regarded as being revenge and retaliation, but when the Shi'ah verbally abuse the Sahabah, and we merely regard them as being out of the fold of Islam, this can never be termed revenge. The reason for my having this topic, and this tone of speech, is so that the Shi'ah may also feel the pain in their hearts.

Nevertheless, getting back to the topic where I had left off, I posed the question as to who formed part of the marriage ceremony of their eleventh Imam (with the Jinniah woman). "What was the extent in terms of monetary value of the dowry, and who were the witnesses to the nikah?" Insha-Allah they will neither be able to reply these questions till the day of Qiyamah, nor will they be able to answer the question posed that: "Neither any previous Nabi, nor any of their other A'immah have had any marital with Jinniah women, then what had caused the eleventh Imam to establish this relation.

According to their claim and belief, the twelfth Imam cannot be heard, seen or felt. At the tender age of five he disappeared into a cave in the darkness of the night, taking with him the (original) Qur'an which is seventy yards long, the Tabutus Sakinah etc. Has he so much love and attachment for his cave, that he is not prepared to present himself, even though the Shi'ah plead and beg him to do so through the medium of letters and notes? When the Shi'ah are asked as to when the anticipated emergence of their Imam would occur, an authentic Shi'ah book replies: He will present himself when there are 313 sincere Mu'min Shi'ah." From this we deduce, that to this day Shi'ism has not produced even 313 sincere Shi'ah.


It is mentioned in the book, Kashful Asrar, page 225 by Khomeini..."today is the beliefs of the people that until the Imam does not come, the order of any rulers cannot be accepted, nor does any person hold the right of talking the reins of government until the Imam is born. Therefore this beliefs should be eradicated because the time of the appearance of the Imam is close. The Imam will now be sending his deputies to clear the path for him, and the affairs of the world will run according to the desires of the Imam." The ignorant public accepted this fallacy. Whereas the original beliefs is contrary to this. The original belief is:

Translation: "Every flag which is raised before the appearance of the Imam, the bearer of this flag is a devil who is the worshipper of a being besides Allah."

Therefore people will not be allowed to associate, help or pledge allegiance to such a person. Khomeini presented the theory which states: "Now is the time for the Imam to come, so it is possible that his representatives come in leadership to prepare for him (the Imam), and the world as accepted this theory. After some time had lapsed, he said: "When it is possible for a deputy of the Imam to come, I (Khomeini) would be the deputy and representative." He portrayed a picture of Imamah in Iran and formed a movement which rebelled against the king of Iran. This caused Khomeini to be exiled to France. In this period Khomeini was once interviewed. He was asked: " It seems as though you will be returning to Iran and the government of Iran will fall in yours hands, so which desire of yours will be you fulfill at first?"

Khomeini replied: "My desire is to complete the task of the Imam. I intend going to Madinatun Nabawiyyah, demolishing the Raudatur Rasul, and exhuming the bodies of those two statues who are lying aside the Prophet. (referring to Abubuar and Umar, (r.z.)

Khomeini ignited a war with Iraq. His objective was not to conquer Iraq, nor to capture any Iraqi. In fact, after Iraq, he intended attacking Saudi Arabia and enter the city of the Prophet with his army and prove to the world that whatever has been recorded and said with regard to the twelfth Imam and his deputy by the predecessors and by the priests is true, which he would on that day demonstrate to the world. The above is recorded in Haqqul Yaqeen by Mulla Baqir Majilisi. This book and its author are highly praised by Khomeini in Kashful Asrar, page 121 and he is authorized and certified by Khomeini to be reliable religious leader and guide. From amongst the many books of which he was the author, the one which has attained the greatest fame is Haqqul Yaqeen. This was the first book which was printed and distributed from the press of the government of Iran after Khomeini had gained power.


Mulla Baqir has in detail recorded in this book concerning what the Imam will do when he appears. He writes on page 547: "When our Mahdi appears, (the very Mahdi who took the Qur'an and disappeared at the age of five, the very Mahdi who has been absent for the past 1420 years, the one who cannot be seen by anybody), he will kill the Ahlus Sunnah, even before the kuffar, He will wage a war against the Ulama of the Ahlus Sunnah." As if the twelfth Imam who is in a cave will not kill the Jews, nor does he have to battle with the fire-worshippers, his fight will not be against the Hindus or Christians, in fact his first fight will be against the Ahlus Sunnah, and it is for this reason that Khomeini has referred to himself as the vicegerent of the Imam and he began his first war against the Ahlus Sunnah.

This is the very Imam whom Shi'ism regards and labels as "Sahibul Asr," "Imamuz Zaman, "Imam Mahdi" and "Qa'im Alu Muhammad. "Shi'ism is awaiting his emergence from the cave!


Today I will loudly announce to that Imam from this gathering of Haq Nawaz Shaheed, that in the first place you do not exist! Every sane and intelligent nation of the world doubts concerning your existence. If your mother gave birth to you, then you are the offspring of a Jinniah, therefore establish you existence to us. This, you will not be able to do! Neither your disappearance into, nor your appearance from the cave is established anywhere! If you still claim to exist then I throw a challenge to you to have the courage and emerge from your cave, break down the barrier and come out of the cave, and see. You will receive the same treatment that was rendered to your representative, Khomeini!

Khomeini portrayed himself to be your vicegerent and ignited a war with the Ahlus Sunnah. He exposed his intention of destroying the Raudatur Rasul . He caused an uproar and disturbance at the house of Allah. O Imam of the cave! If you exist, and if you have the eye to take heed, then look at the final result of Khomeini. People went to extent of stripping him of his kafn and they broke his bones! It is my opinion, in fact I have faith that firstly you do not even exist, and if you do, you will excuse yourself saying, "O Moulana Muhammad A'zam Tariq, I have decided not to come because I was under the impression that these people will respect my vicerengent and that my vicerengent will clear the path for me, and take over Madinah. I would have emerged then , but our people have broken the teeth of Khomeini, they have broken the teeth of Khomeini, they have broken his legs. Instead of conquering an inch of Madinah, they have sent him trail between the legs, right back to where he came from."

Moulana Haq Nawaz has already stated that Saddam had destroyed the Iranians. Therefore the following words maybe on the tongue of the Imam, "... when my substitute and representative, Khomeini could not advance at all, in fact he was forced to flee, then with what face would I emerge? I have faith that the same plight which Khomeini witnessed at the hands of the Ahlus Sunnah, will be meted out against me!" O Shi'ah! If you present you Imam, you will see what will be done to him at the hands of the Ahlus Sunnah!

All that has been thus far portrayed with regard to the twelfth Imam, is, in fact not my personal portrayal, but a portrayal of the Shi'i books. Every narrative is established form Shi'i books. Every detail concerning the creation of the Imam, the way he became invisible, how he had disappeared taking with him the Qur'an, is all recorded in Shi'i books.

Whenever I choose this topic to speak, Shi'ism becomes enraged and disturbed saying: "The Ahlus Sunnah have branded us as Kuffar. They curse us. They are vulgar to us and we to us and we tolerate this. But now not even our Imam's respect is kept in sanctity. He is being verbally abused which we will never tolerate!"

O Shi'ah! I throw my challenge to you and your Imam that if you have any courage, come forward! Present your Imam, and if he has the courage, he should hold my tongue from speaking. He should place a barrier to block our path, then the entire world will witness the evil plight your Imam will be in!


The Shi'ah, in response ask: "What wrong has our Imam committed, and what faults does he have?"

We reply: "Your Imam is the greatest disbeliever. Do you realize what you have written regarding him?"

It is recorded in Haqqual Yaqeen,..."when our Imam is born he will be naked, he will, in this condition come out of the cave and the first of the pledge allegiance to him will be the being of Muhammad !"

I curse the nation, and the leader of a nation who regards their naked Imam to be a spiritual tutor and mentor, or Imam of Muhammad, that nation which regards my Rasul to be a follower and one who will pledge bay'ah to the twelfth Imam!

What greater defamation can there be of the Rasul of Allah at whose feet the entire world, every other Rasul, the angels and the heavens fell, and today he should fall at the feet of a Mahdi who is naked! Can this be called a belief? A nation which is arrogant and stubborn upon regarding our Nabi to be a volunteer and follower of the 12th Imam? Such a nation can be never forgiven!
O Shi'ah Imam! Rasulullah will never taken bay'ah at your hands!
Once this Imam comes, once the Prophet takes bay'ah on his hands, once he destroyed the Ahlus Sunnah, and made Nabi his disciple, which Shari'ah will be institute and which law will he enforce?


They reply: " The Imam will not enforce the laws of the Qur'an and Hadith, nor will be act upon the Shari'ah of Muhammad . In fact he will implement the Shari'ah of Dawood.

From this it is deduced that your Imam is not a Mu'min, in fact an agent of the Jews. O agents of Jews! O you impure offspring of Judaism, if you have the courage, then bring forward your Imam!

If one studies Haqqul Yaqeen from page 574, onwards, one will bring surprised to see all the details recorded therein.


A narration concerning the Imam is recorded on page 375 of Haqqul Yaqeen. It states: " When the Imam comes, he will go to the Raudah Mubarak. He will inquire as to who is the inhabitant of the first grave. He will be told that it is the grave of our Nabi . He will then command the Raudah to be demolished."

The Raudah of the Nabi will be demolished. O Ahlus Sunnah! How can such an Imam be Mu'min and how can such an Imam be part of the family of the Prophet who demolished the walls of the Raudah? He destroys the walls of the Raudah of the Nabi can only be a drop of semen from Shaytan, the offspring of Shaytan and an agent of the enemies of Islam! It is necessary upon the Sipahe Sahabah to combat such an Imam and to mutilate his body!

Now is the time that the Shi'ah could cry out to their twelfth Imam. They should call unto him and inform him that he is being abused in every place. Many evils are being spoken about him, evils that are not even directed to a black dog. In fact I will say that if I ever cross the path of such an Imam who intends killing the Ahlus Mubarak, I will blacken his face, put him on the back of a donkey, and display him in public. An Imam who destroys the Raudah Mubarak of Rasulullah , yet has no shame!

"Once he enters the Raudah and he will be told upon inquiry that the first grave is that the Prophet of Islam, he will say that the Prophet is my grandfather, and my Nabi, therefore he should be left alone. He will then ask as to who the occupants of the other two graves are. He will be told that these are the graves of Abubakr and Umar. He will then ask the people if there is any such person who doubts Abubakr (r.z) and Umar (r.z) to be buried there? There shall be none. Three days later, the Imam will give the order that Abubakr and Umar be removed from their graves. Their bodies will still be just as fresh (as at the time of their death). Then this black Imam, this black kafir, this offspring of a bitch, this twelfth Imam, will give the order that their kafn be removed. Once the kafn is removed, the Imam will order that ropes be tied around their necks! Around those very necks which Nabi embraced. Today the Imam will order that ropes to be tied and they be hanged upon dry trees! Once they are hung, the dry branches and trees will become green and lush. This will be a test for the Ahlus Sunnah. On seeing the change coming in the tree, the Ahlus Sunnah will get pleased and exclaim that by the oath of Allah, this is the result of their piety and status, that after fourteen centuries their faces are just as fresh, their kafn did not get dirty, and after fourteen centuries when they are hung on trees which are dry, those trees have also become green and lush! Then the Imam will order that those amongst the people who love these two should separate from those who hate them.

Addressing the lovers of Abubakr And Umar (r.z), the Imam will say: "You still have a chance to cleanse your hearts from their love and harbor animosity and hatred for them." The Ahlus Sunnah will reply: " We can never leave Abubakr and Umar, we have steadfastly held onto their cloaks." Upon this reply the Imam will command a black fire to rise and burn the Ahlus Sunnah, and destroy them. Then the Imam will command that the two burnt bodies to removed from the tree and be brought back to life. The Imam will then address the two saying: " Every oppression, adultery, robbery, shirk, bribery and every crime that took place on the surface of the earth was because of you. Therefore, you are liable for such punishment that you will be hung up and burnt alive over and over (till the day of Qiyamah).

After writing so much of filth and nonsense, Shi'ism is not yet satisfied, and the anger of the Imam did not subside.

They further write: "On one occasion, Mufassal who was the student of the sixth Imam asked; "O ,my leader! Is this the only punishment that will be afflicted upon them?"

The Imam replied: " O Mufassal! By the oath of Allah, this is not so. Abubakr and Umar will be given life and placed on the gallows a thousand times a day!"

We should now decide for ourselves if the Imam, who is waiting for that day wherein he will demolish the Raudah Mubarak, remove the Sheikhain (Abubakr and Umar), hand then, and place them on the gallows a thousand times a day, ever be forgiven?

O people! After this day we should make the promise that we will face this Imam, our children and youth will attack the Imam, break his teeth and rip open his stomach! Any person can be forgiven but not that twelfth Imam. Again Shi'ism will cry out, "You have sworn the family of Rasulullah ! You have spoken evil concerning the grandson of the Prophet ! You have abused the twelfth Imam, the Ahlul Bait have been disgraced by you." O Shi'iah! You have all the right to complain, but only after you have established this puppy to be the son of the eleventh Imam. I am boldly announcing that this belief which the Shi'ah have concocted concerning the twelfth Imam , if it is a reality, if he was really born in the house of the 11th Imam, if he is the grandson of Ali and of the Prophet , and if he did in reality make the claim of taking the bay'ah from the Prophet , and of hanging Abubakr and Umar, then I will never regard such a person to be a Sayyid and of the family of the Prophet ! I would hold no respect for him whatsoever!

The reality is that he does not exist. Yes, probably it was a puppy which they regarded to be their Imam but it was not any son of the eleventh Imam.

Even to this stage, after mentioning so much of filth, the anger of this twelfth Imam had not subsided.


It is further recorded in Haqqul Yaqeen that the Imam will then go to Jannatul Baqee' where the wives, daughters, grandchildren and other household members of the Prophet are buried. He will stand at the graves of the wives of the Prophet and question as to whose graves they are. When he reaches the grave of A'ishah (r.z), the very A'ishah upon whose bedding revelation was revealed, the very A'ishah who chewed at the miswak of Nabi and presented it to him, the very A'ishah whose left over water was drunk by the Prophet , the very A'ishah who received the Salam of Jibril, and the very A'ishah who used to explain masa'il to people, this Imam will command that her body be exhumed. This oppressor and disbeliever, this kafir, this drop of devil's semen, this agent of Shaytan, the substitute of Fir'oun and Shaddad will still not feel at ease, he commands that her body be removed and kafn be taken off!

O Ahlus Sunnah! There should be some limit to oppression! A'ishah being the mother of the Mu'mineen but her respect, modesty and shame could not be preserved. Then the Imam will command that the body of A'ishah be lashed! O Shi'ah! May the curses of Allah befall you, your progeny and your predecessors! Your twelfth Imam intends doing such an action which no Hindu or Jew could even dare think about! What is the matter that the Shi'ah keep on blurting all this nonsense and filth while we remain silent?

This is the twelfth Imam who intends bring Aishah back to life. This is the Imam whom the Shi'i world is awaiting, but Insha-Allah he will never come! This is the Imam who is hiding in the cave. What is this monkey doing in the cave? Why does he hide there?


People who commit murder are imprisoned for twenty years, hijackers are locked up for fourteen years, adulterers are jailed for ten years and other criminals are jailed for six years but what crime has your Imam committed to be imprisoned for 1420 years?

The punishment of which crime would constitute of 1420 years of imprisonment?

The Shi'ah claim that Abubakr (r.z) had snatched away the khilafah for two years, therefore he is an oppressor. The person who snatches away the khilafah for ten or twelve years is an oppressor according to them, but can there be a greater oppressor than the one who snatched the Qur'an and disappeared for 1420 years? He is a thief and the greatest of criminals on earth. Therefore Allah gave him such a long sentence. O Shi'ah! Your Imam is pleading and begging that you remove him, so if he exists then, remove him.


A certain Moulana Abdulah Saheb of Islamabad once went to Iraq with a companion of his. They decided to go and have a look at the cave of Surra man Ra'a wherein the Shi'ah believe their Imam to be hiding. On reaching there, Moulana spoke to one of the guards at the cave. Moulana told the guard: "If the Imam emerges now, I will pose a question to him as to what fault, error or crime the Shi'ah of the past had committed for them to be punished in such a way that they were deprived of seeing the original Qur'an, and, what had caused him not to appear in their time?"

The guard replied, "I then asked the guard the reason for saying this."

He replied: "If he was going to appear, he would have appeared in the time of out forefathers. The world is coming to an end. America already bombed Iraq, Iraq already had a war against Iran yet Imam did not appear. Now where will this stupid Imam appear from? The guard further men mentioned that in case this Imam happens to appear, I will kill him and send him right back into the cave, so you need not be fearful of anything.

Sheikh further states, I asked him, "Are you an enemy of the Imam or are you part of the Ahlus Sunnah?"

He replied: "No." (Not part of the Ahlus Sunnah)

"So why will you kill the Imam?"

He replied: "As long as the Imam remains inside, I would be employed as a guard, and keep on receiving my salary, but if the Imam appeared, I would lose this job. Therefore if the Imam would emerge, I will either kill the Imam, or send him back so that my business may continue."


O Shi'ah! May the curses of Allah be on you and your twelfth Imam.

If you have the courage, come forward into the battlefield, we are already prepared for you as well as your Imam!

Our soldiers and police officers will go about chasing him. Once caught, he will be locked up, thereafter he will be brought to the courts. Proofs will be provided against him from all sides. The witnesses to the case will be Mulla Baqir Majlisi. Khomeini, Kulaini and Tusi. Once the evidences of Haqqul Yaqeen, Kashful Asrar, Ihtijaj Tabrasi and Usoolul Kafi ( which are books authored by the above mentioned Shi'ah) have been brought forward - whilst the Imam will be still cuffed and his face blackened - the pen of the judge will write the decision that the twelfth Imam should be hanged! The people will all be invited to see the Imam being hanged in Jhangwee Sha'heed street! O Shi'ah! If out anger no more resists, this will be the result of your Imam at our hands. If not, then we are not fit to be called the Sipahe Sahabah! We will teach the world the method of taking revenge. We will punish your Imam in this way if he comes. In the presence of the whole world, we will hang that very one who said that he would hang Abubakr (r.z)!

It has always been my desire, hope and wish to fight the war in defense of the respect and status of the As'habur Rasul and his pure wives.

May Allah remain in the assistance and help of each and every Muslim. Ameen.


As the day of Qiyamah approaches, the predictions of Nabi are being witnessed by humanity to be true. All schemes and tactics are being utilized to prevent the growth of Islam and to destroy the present stand and position of the Muslims.

Shi'ism, being one of the most successful launches of the enemy if Islam against Islam, presents itself worldwide under the banner of "True Islam" capturing many innocent hearts from true, pure Islamic beliefs into the indecent and immodest world of Shi'ism.

Islam is a religion which spread in the four corners of the world through the tireless efforts, sacrifices, and spiritual strength of the soldiers of Islam, while on the other hand, Shi'ism gains firm root, power and strength globally through monetary strength, void to direct help from Allah, and it is a known fact that any mission which is void of the help of Allah, in fact a mission which attracts the curses of Allah is bound to destruction.

How true is the saying:

''Every Pharaoh meets his Moses", furthermore Allah declares in the Qur'an:

"And say: Truth has come and falsehood has perished."

When Allah has taken the duty of the protection of Islam upon Himself then He will definitely create those individuals and those movements to combat all false forces for the protection of his Din.

A very important movement of this nature is the SIPAHE SAHABAH. Allah is using this blessed movement and its members for the protection of Din, the status of Nabi, the status of the Sahabah, the Qur'an, and the entire Din against Shi'ism.

The Anjuman Sipahe Sahabah was founded and established on the 6th of September 1985 by the great scholar and soldier of Islam, the mouthpiece and orator of the Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama'ah, Allahmah Haq Jhangwee Shaheed Rahimahullah.

This great figure of Islam burdened his shoulders with the arduous task of patronizing that enviable organization, Sipahe Sahabah at a very tender age. The reason for having established an organization of this nature, the reason for openly exposing the Kufr of the Shi'ah to the public was because Shi'ism had become a threat to the pure beliefs, faith, and Imam of the Muslims. Ever since the establishment of Sipahe Sahabah, it had been under severe attack by the enemy of Islam. Many great leading Ulama have been martyred by the Shi'ah such as the founder himself, in 1990, Moulana Inhaul Qasimi in 1991, and Allahmah Diaurrahman Faruqi in 1997. Many other members were also imprisoned, tortured, and put through great tests and tribulations. The present president, Moulana Muhammad A'zam Tariq and vice president, Allahmah Ali Sher Haidari were recently (approximately in June 1999) released from prison, Alhamdulillah. These great Ulama and servants of Din are only encountering these hardship, difficulties and tortures because they have raised the voice of Haq ( truth). Verily their rewards are with Allah alone.

We pray to Allah that He grants the Sipahe Sahabah success, continue assisting it and let the entire mankind witness its fruits of guidance. Ameen.